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Night Hornet


Night Hornet is an EU player on the Defiant Server and a member of GGRRR (Guys & Gals Ready to Rock & Roll) the most popular SG on that server.

Night Hornet is the creative force behind a number of comics including the long running GGRRR comic series. All his comics are available under GGRRR Comics.

It's often said that vodka fuels his imagination.


Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures

Real name – David


Born in Portsmouth in the UK, I started reading comics at a very early age in fact as soon as I could read. Due to how marvel re-prints were published in the UK, I was there at the start of the “Marvel Age” (no I’m not quite old enough for the US releases!). I still have a great love for the “silver-age” and an acquired taste for the “golden-age” and I’m an avid collector of issues from those eras. The Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko stuff never fails to inspire me to this day

City Of Heroes

I’ve been playing City of Heroes for over 3 years now – a natural progression for some who loves superhero comics and games. The coh community has always impressed me and the guys and gals in GGRRR are wonderful people. So I felt like trying to give something back...hence the GGRRR Comic.


Also close to my heart is vodka as some of my friends will confirm. In the Night Hornet character is somewhat based on me with his love for vodka and his many failed marriages.

Being a little bit of a perfectionist, I have constantly tried to improve the look of the comic and have taught myself to use many programs to achieve this aim, including Photoshop/illustrator etc .

My thanks to all the people in GGRRR who are always very supportive of my comics.


Contact me at

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