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David 2 as represented as the Paragon Pundit

(This entry refers to City of Comic Creators username. For the City of Heroes Character see the Paragon Wiki entry.)

"Battlerock X" is the username and main hero for David 2, a freelance writer, online columnist, radio personality, and the author and creator of several comic book series.



Comic Book Series

Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight

Main file: Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight

Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight is an online comic book series. Each issue focuses on a specific member of the Guardians of the Dawn supergroup.

The Guardian Powers

Main file: The Guardian Powers

The Guardian Powers is a follow-up to the events seen at the end of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series, focusing on a core group of five heroes instead of an ensemble cast.

Tales from Paragon City

Main file: Tales from Paragon City

Tales from Paragon City is an online comic book dealing with the life and times of various heroes and villains in the City of Heroes universe.
(Note: This series is not connected with the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series or its sequel.)

Ask Captain Catastrophe

Captain Catastrophe

"Ask Captain Catastrophe" is a YouTube video series centered around a clumsy fanboy character named Captain Catastrophe.

The video series is designed to provide helpful hints for other heroes. It is done in comic-book slideshow format put to music with the occasional sound effects.

The series has expanded to include the Noble Champions supergroup as well as his older brother, a Rogue Isles mercenary named Major Catastrophe.


The Battlerock X Chronicles

Battlerock X

See The Battlerock X Chronicles

The Battlerock X Chronicles is a blogsite which focuses primarily on Battlerock X, a character found in the Justice server. The blog serves not only as a resource for the Battlerock X character, but also as a place for City of Heroes news and updates.

Another character created for the Chronicles is the Paragon Pundit, which is the in-game representation of David 2. The Pundit is often used to provide news, tips, and updates on the various things going on in the Paraverse. He is also the author of the "Paragon Pundit Hero Movie Review", which reviews hero-based movies.

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