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UltraaLady is a former astronaut and member of the villain supergroup known as The Libra Order.

Character History

Lieutenant Christine Troy was a young astronaut in her first space outing to the International Space Station in 2002 when the Rikti invaded. As they watched in horror as the world was decimated, their ship encountered a cloaked vessel by an alien race that was sent to observe the Earth. Not being able to able to do more than observe, the aliens decided to use the chaos as their opportunity to conduct tests on the humans on the station.

Most of the astronauts were killed in the process, but for whatever reason, Christine was able to survive and was eventually released so the aliens can observe the results.

Because of the global devastation caused by the Rikti, NASA was not aware of the loss of the station until months after the invasion. This caused some considerable scorn by Christine, especially after learning of the death of her family. Feeling abandoned by everyone, she renounced her citizenship and fled to the one place where her capsule originally landed... the Rogue Isles.

She was not fully aware of what was done to her, but she did know that what happened changed her in many ways. She was smarter, more technically-skilled than before, and she developed a form of psychokinesis that she could use to her advantage. Seeing herself as becoming more than just human, she adopted a heroic-style outfit and began to call herself UltraaLady.

She eventually was recruited by the fallen angel Tainted Eve to join the villain supergroup known as The Libra Order, although she often wonders why that was so when the organization mostly relied on magic and alchemy and scorned her technical preferences.


For a brief while, certain members of the Libra Order had their identities "borrowed" by members of the hero group known as the Guardians of the Dawn. But to further confuse who would be there, UltraaLady was selected to be given a makeover courtesy of Trina the Body Sculptress and made to look similar to Galatea Powers. Flying around continually, people in the Rogue Isles believed that she was Galatea Powers in disguise, which led to several attacks that she had to defend from.

She eventually fled to the group's base, where she was informed by her patron, the mysterious Libra, that the misdirection was needed and that all would make sense in time.

She still carries a grudge because of this and vows to make Galatea Powers suffer for it.

Powers and Abilities

File:Archetypeicon_mastermind.pngFile:Originicon_science.png UltraaLady is classified as a Mastermind archetype with science origins.

Her primary ability is Robots. Using her technical skills, she is able to summon various robot drones that can do her bidding.

Her secondary ability is Force Fields. Using the powers that she acquired, she can project her aura out as either a form of protection or as a limited-range attack. Although not seemingly one of the more stronger abilities, she can also use this power to accelerate her speed as well as to fly.

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