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The Rikti are an inter-dimensional race of beings that invaded Earth mercilessly in 2002 and still are a threat to humanity today. Their home universe has been designated by Portal Corporation as the "Rikti Home World".


Rikti War

First Rikti Invasion of 2002

(See also Rikti War.)

The first invasion began on May 23rd, 2002, when a series of red lights of varying sizes began to appear around the world. These lights, it was discovered, were really dimensional destination portals, similar to the ones generated by the Portal Corporation.

By nightfall, these portals brought forth waves upon waves of alien invaders. Soldiers in white armor, robotic attack drones, and huge motherships, all came pouring through these portals.

The super-powered beings, both hero and villain, tried to fight back, but they were quickly overwhelmed by the sheer number of advanced beings and their devices. No matter how many Rikti forces were destroyed, still more came pouring through the portals. Within six months, many cities of the world, including huge areas of Paragon City, were subjugated by the Rikti, which then crafted huge War Walls to fortify their positions.

After the decimation of the Midnight Squad and the destruction of Baumton, it was discovered that the Rikti were vulnerable to magic. Discovering the source of their supplies and power, Earth's remaining super-powered beings devised a risky maneuver.

Statesman of the Freedom Phalanx would lead an Alpha Team of over a thousand forces into a head-on conflict with the Rikti. This would only be a diversion, though, as Hero 1 of the Dawn Patrol would lead a smaller Omega Team comprised of Natural and Mystical beings through the Rikti Home Portal and craft a barrier that would cut off the Rikti from Earth. This would be considered a suicide mission, but one that would be essential to deprive the Rikti of their vast numbers.

The gambit worked, and the Rikti were cut off from their home universe.

After The War

After the war, the Rikti that remained on Earth were forced to go underground to survive. Many that surrendered to the United Nations did not live long afterward.

Most Rikti hid in Paragon City, in the areas where they once conquered.

Very little was known about their activities for five years, although there were some speculations that they were connected to the rise of a new mysterious group known as The Lost.

The Second Rikti Invasion of 2007

(See also "Rikti World Invasion".)

Five years after the First Invasion, the Rikti were able to launch a new offensive against Earth starting on July 24th, 2007. Operating through a new Rikti Mothership and through the original Mothership that was taken down in 2002, the Rikti were able to terrorize Earth with repeated attacks.

Unfortunately their new effort was met with heavy resistance, as the humans of Earth had mounted their own defenses through the United Nations group known as the Vanguard, as well as their continued adaptation of Rikti technology left over from the original 2002 invasion.

Although their incursions have lessened, they still persist, and the crashed Rikti ship in the area formerly known as White Plains is once again active.

Rikti Invasion Weekends

Although the second invasion attempt failed, the Rikti Mothership is still hiding in our universe, occasionally venturing back randomly attack Earth.

Some of these attacks last for several days, which are dubbed "Rikti Weekends". Vanguard operatives have been able to determine when these prolonged attack periods would occur and are able to give citizens plenty of advance warning.

Possible Future

It is said that one possible future has the Rikti eventually succeeding and taking over the Earth.

Rikti Forces

(See the Paragon Wiki entry for more information on Rikti forces.)

The original Rikti forces were seen wearing uniform white armor. This eventually changed, though, and more "specialized" units began to appear.

Rikti forces employ a vast array of advanced technical devices, including various automated drones. They also have mastered genetic manipulation, even being able to encode their genome into humans, turning them into factions referred to as "The Lost".

They seem to have one weakness, which is magic. It is not really known how this vulnerability affects them.

Rikti Motherships

There are currently three Rikti Motherships remaining on Earth. In the 2002 Invasion there was at least one mothership for every major city on Earth, although with Paragon City there were several. Because of their positioning over major population areas, the use of nuclear weapons to destroy them were ruled out.

After the 2002 Invasion, most of the remaining mothership commanders opted to destroy their own ships than to be captured and have their technology fall into human hands.

  • White Plains - This mothership is the one that was brought down by Statesman at the start of the Rikti Invasion in 2002. It crashed in the White Plains district of Paragon City, decimating the area. The ship is mostly intact although it is currently not able to fly. Prior to the launch of the Second Invasion, the various Rikti devices began reactivating themselves, which alerted the Vanguard to their return.
  • Justice-Knights HQ - This mothership was disabled before the commander could initiate the self-destruct and it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. The superhero group Justice-Knights salvaged it and reactivated it. It now serves as the headquarters for their supergroup, positioning itself in a low parallel orbit over Paragon City.
  • I2007 - This is the Mothership that has been threatening Earth since June of 2007. It is believed to be working with the White Plains mothership to coordinate attacks on Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. It employs a new method of defense that allows it to withstand attacks from both the Vanguard and the Justice-Knights Mothership for a limited time, while sending down drop ships and ground forces. After a brief encounter, the mothership beams back all remaining forces and withdraws, presumably to the dark side of Earth's moon.
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