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Ms. Liberty

Ms. Liberty is an in-game character, leader of the Vindicators supergroup, founder and leader of the Longbow division of Freedom Corps, daughter of Freedom Corps founder Miss Liberty, and granddaughter of Statesman.

She often spends her time in Atlas Plaza in front of the huge statue of Atlas, assisting other heroes in their training and improving their security levels.

She is often referred to jokingly as "Statesman's Sidechick", which became the inspiration for PNN media personality Garry Becker to dub the Vindicators as the "Sidechick Brigade".

Other References

(Please see her Paragon Wiki entry for more information.)

Comic Appearances

Ms. Liberty appeared in several issues of the "City of Heroes" comic series.

Ms. Liberty appeared in Issue 15 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series.

Alternate References

In the Portal-designated universe Upsilon Beta 9-6, Ms. Liberty is a sadistic troublemaker known as Dominatrix.

In the Portal-designated universe Omega Xi 6-4, Lady Jessica Duncan wears her mother's outfit and mystical charms as the second Miss Liberty.

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