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Maximus Rex, former King of Earth

Maximus Rex is a registered hero and a member of the Guardians of the Dawn. He first appears in Issue #14 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series and was featured in Issue #15.

He describes himself as the Once and Former King of the Earth.


Character History

Omega Xi 6-4

Maximus Rex comes from an alternate universe designated by Portal Corporation as Omega Xi 6-4. In this world, humans gifted with mutant abilities are considered nobles.

Maximus' lineage can be traced back to Pharaoh Raman el Set, the first recorded mutant of his world, who used his ability to siphon life from others in small amounts to prolong his existence to over four hundred years. Through his power he was able to spread his mutant genes across several generations and gave rise to the idea that genetic mutations were a sign of nobility. One of his descendants would become the mother of Maximus Gaeus of Cimerora, who would eventually become Caesar of the Roman Empire. One of Caesar Maximus' descendants was Caesar Rex, who became the first leader of the Global Kingdom.

Maximus Rex was the son of King Dominus Rex at the start of the Fifth Golden Age. During this time, the human genome had been completely mapped, the nature of mutations was revealed, atomic energy was harnessed, and space was even beginning to be explored.

It's during this time that, for reasons that were not publicly known, Dominus Rex announced he would be stepping down as Global King and passing the crown on to his son Maximus.

Following the coronation of King Maximus Rex,this earth was invaded by the Rikti. Although Rex was able to rally the forces, with the help of Lady Jessica, who would later become his wartime bride, the overabundance of mutant-powered beings still were no match for the Rikti. The Rikti decimated the planet, killing everyone except for Maximus, who only survived out of sheer force of will and his mutant power.

Later, scientists from Portal Corporation in the Primal Earth discovered the existence of this world and rescued Maximus.

Primal Earth

After being treated and debriefed to Vanguard, Maximus Rex was given exile status. He decided that he would best serve as a registered hero to help this planet defend against the Rikti. He was recruited into the Guardians of the Dawn due to his powers and experience with the Rikti.

Guardian Leadership

In Issue #14, he was given leadership of the Guardians following the removal of Captain Paragonna from active duty in the Paragon City Police Department. With the public still leery of co-chairwoman Midnight Arachnia and of the leadership skills of vice-chairpeople Arktic Chill and Galatea Powers, a consensus was made that Maximus Rex was the better choice given his experience as the battle-hardened king of his home universe.


As mentioned in the "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH" special, following the attempted assasination of Alex Wentworth, the Guardians were given the option to allow Alex to become the next District Attorney, but, as a consequence, the Guardians would have to disband.

As much as Maximus hated the idea, he went along with the advice of Icon Powers, on the promise that the disbanding would only be "on paper" and that the group would eventually find a way to re-form. Because of his experience with the Rikti, he was quickly recruited to join the Vanguard as a tactical advisor.

Powers and Abilities

Image:Badge_GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.
Image:Badge_Vortex.png This character is from another universe.

File:Archetypeicon_scrapper.pngFile:Originicon_mutation.png Maximus Rex is classified as a Scrapper archetype with Mutation origins.

His primary ability is Dark Melee. He can tap into his power for additional strength, or to siphon strength from others.

His secondary ability is Invulnerability. He can endure a lot of punishment.

He also possesses the power of flight.

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