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The CoH Comic Index is a City of Heroes fan-based and fan-run WikiMedia website providing information about the various COH Comic Book series, characters and even helpful tips, guides and more to help YOU in making your own fan-based comics.

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Special greetings to the listeners of The Cape Radio

File:TheCape-BlackButton.jpg The Cape Radio is the finest player-run Internet radio station. While they focus primarily on the activities in the Virtue Server, we have come to recognize them has having the best in-game material through all of the City of Heroes community; perfect for players and for comic creators.

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We are pleased to announce that the City of Comic Creators now has a presence on Facebook.

All comic creators past and present are welcome to join our CCC Group on Facebook and get the latest information, so even after the City of Heroes forums are closed, we will still be able to keep in touch with the various projects.

Click HERE to access the City of Comic Creators Facebook Group.

Meanwhile work progresses on our post-COH plans. This Wiki service will continue to provide information and archives, but we will have a new main site that will go beyond City of Heroes. Stay tuned for further details.

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback? Questions? Any tips you would like to share? Let us know!

(Submitted by BattlerockX 03:19, 3 October 2012 (UTC) )

Featured Article

Where It All Began

City Of Heroes - The Original One-Shot

With the scheduled end of the City of Heroes MMO, we say goodbye to eight years of both famous and infamous adventures.

In honor of the heroes of Paragon City, we go back to where it first started.

The original "City of Heroes" comic was a one-shot special published by Dark Horse Comics designed to introduce readers to Paragon City. Although the series focused on newcomer Thunder-Clap, it also introduced Apex and War Witch, two favorite characters that would eventually be featured in the Blue King Studios incarnation of the series.

The original comic would set the stage for two more incarnations of the comic series published by both Blue King and Top Cow, as well as inspire all of the fan-made creations made since then.

We here at the City of Comic Creators would like to thank the developers in Cryptic Studios and Paragon Studios for eight years of inspiration and encouragement. The MMO may be ending, but the adventure will never end.

Click here to see the series page which features all the incarnations of the comic series.

Have a comic series you would like to see featured? Suggest it here!

(Submitted by BattlerockX 00:53, 28 November 2012 (UTC) )

Presented by the C.C.C.

The City of Comic Creators was founded in early 2008, and created to promote comic book creation by the fans and players of the City Of Heroes/City of Villains/Going Rogue franchise. This is done by promoting the creation of comic books, and educating the player-base on the how's, the why's and the where's of comic book creation, publication, and representation.

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