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Libra is the name of a mysterious cosmic force that serves as the benefactor for the supervillain organization known as The Libra Order.

According to Tainted Eve, "Libra" is a renegade operative that serves as the instrument of balance in the universe. Whenever one side dominates over the other, Libra is there to make sure the cosmic scales are corrected. Sometimes it is to help the side of good, while other times it is to help the side of evil.

It is believed that Libra is responsible for Tainted Eve's eventual corruption and condemnation when she was one of the Celestial Hosts. Libra was the one that gave a former demonic corrupter a powerful book of forbidden spells and encouraged him to fall in love with Eve, keeping their relationship a secret from all parties involved. Libra then arranged for Eve to get possession of the book prior to the discover of the illicit affair. After her condemnation and banishment from paradise, Libra offered Eve protection as long as she did his bidding, which included the creation of a team that would do his bidding in the Rogue Isles.

Libra rarely speaks directly, preferring to communicate through Tainted Eve or some other representative, but when he does, he is never ignored.

Other References

Libra is not seen, but its presence was felt in Issue #17 of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series. He also played a key role in the "Time and Changes" storyline.

As seen in "The Guardian Powers", Libra was also responsible for the "recruitment" of both Midnight Arachnia and John Cole for a plan involving Praetoria. For reasons that were not yet mentioned, Midnight Arachnia was sent ahead while John Cole was stripped of his Arachnos implants and then sent to Paragon City, effectively removing him from The Libra Order.

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