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Le Zoot is the name of a French anarchist, often seen as a nuisance villain for the Dawn Patrol supergroup. He also was the first supervillain that Lyon Powers faced as a full-member of the Dawn Patrol. He made his first appearance in Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight Issue #11 (2010).

Character History

It is said that Le Zoot started out as a struggling artist. He failed mime school because he failed to keep quiet when children mocked him and dogs relieved themselves on him. He tried to be a performance artist, but he couldn't handle the criticism. He thought he could be an actor, but nobody could tolerate his bad acting. He tried writing poems but nobody could understand him. Then he tried being an art critic, which he firmly believed was his calling, but nobody took his reviews seriously.

Finally, if the world of culture wouldn't accept him, he would declare war on culture itself.

Adopting a look that reflected all of his failed attempts, he renamed himself Le Zoot and began vandalizing museums, attacking coffee houses, and crippling every mime and street performer he came across.

Eventually he associated himself with the nihilistic terrorist group called Anarchy-999, which finally got him the attention of the superhero community. Unfortunately, his first encounter with the European Union Defenders in the Louvre turned out to be another failure as he was mistaken for being a bystander because of his gaudy clothes compared to the basic-black attire of the other terrorists. Rather than accepting this as good fortune, he became outraged at being snubbed and was almost captured when he finally exclaimed "JE SUIS L'ANARCHIE-NEUF-NEUF-NEUF!" and put two shots into the Mona Lisa. (Sadly for him, the painting was a replica as the real one was still in storage after the Rikti invasion.)

He fled to England via the Chunnel, where his exploits finally got him respect among England's punk community. It also got him the attention of the Dawn Patrol.

The heroes of the Dawn Patrol considered Le Zoot to be a joke, even though he did try to deface one the the greatest works of art. But even with his fame, Le Zoot only was content with destroying or defacing culture. He tried to topple Stonehenge, until he discovered that the Rikti beat him to it. Same with Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. He couldn't steal Excalibur since it was given to Ms. Liberty in the United States by Hero 1 back in 2002, and the one on display was a cheap replica. In each instance, he was chased away by members of the Dawn Patrol. Rather than be arrested, he was publicly mocked in the media by the heroes.

He focused his attention instead on the British Broadcasting Network and began trying to sabotage the production of their shows, which was the only piece of British "culture" that couldn't be destroyed by the Rikti.

In 2008, newly-turned-eighteen Lyon Powers was given her first assignment as a full-member of the Dawn Patrol. Le Zoot had taken a Vanguard defense station, thinking that it was a BBN studio. With security cameras rolling, Lyon Powers took down Le Zoot and his henchmen. Although he was still considered a joke, the arrest was her first encounter with a supervillain.

He was sentenced to ten years in Blackheart Prison (the British version of the Zigursky Penitentiary), where he again reinvented himself, this time as a prison chef. It is unknown if he finally succeeded at this or if this would be yet another one of his failures.

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