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Isea (pronounced Icey-A) is a member of the supervillain group known as The Libra Order.

Character History

When she was a teenager, Aria Childs loved the opera. It was said that she had a voice that would rival the biggest stars. Then one night her whole family was attacked by the Hellions. She and her whole family were viciously assaulted and then left inside their home while it burned. She was rescued, but the fire and smoke destroyed her singing voice. She used what money she had to get the resources needed to hunt down the Hellions responsible, and then she hunted down the opera diva that hired them and killed her in cold blood.

She was convicted for her crimes and was sent to the Zigursky prison. She was eventually freed during a riot instigated by Arachnos and brought to the Rogue Isles. She doesn't believe in the whole "destined one" concept, but she enjoyed the opportunity to go after more Hellions with complete impunity. Because of her cold nature, she was recruited into The Libra Order.


(See also Lyon Powers.)

At the behest of the Order's patron, the mysterious Libra, Isea was one of three operatives whose identities were temporarily "borrowed" by members of the Guardians of the Dawn. Isea's identity was borrowed by Lyon Powers because of their shared mystical origins and approximate age and likeness. Unfortunately Lyon Powers could not replicate Isea's cold demeanor, which led to some to speculate she was not really who she was.

Powers and Abilities

File:Archetypeicon_corruptor.pngFile:Originicon_magic.png Isea is classified as a Corruptor archetype with magic origins.

Her primary ability is Ice Blast. She can use her powers to project freezing cold to slow down and freeze her enemies on target.

Her secondary ability is Cold Domination. She lets her chilly heart protect her from harm.

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