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Each page in Wiki has a Discussion tab in which users can leave comments or suggestions about the page.

The discussion message box operates under the same rules as the the page itself, in that the usual Wiki codes are allowed, but what is added here does not appear in the actual page itself.

Header rules still apply, and thus you can use headers to segment various discussions. For instance...


Subject 1

You can discuss one subject here.

Subject 2

You can discuss a separate subject about the same page here.


And you can have a mini-subject here.

Discussion Etiquette

1. All discussions are considered public. Do not say anything in a discussion forum that you would not say to that person's face. Do not say anything in a discussion forum that you would not want to put your name on.

2. All discussions are subject to editing, revision, and deletion.

3. Criticism should be constructive and objective. This is not the place for personal grudges.


5. Please use the four tilde marks " ~~~~ " at the end of all discussion posts. This will automatically generate your username and a timedate stamp and thus differentiate your comments from others. (See the Discussion tab for an example of what the ~~~~ looks like in a post.)

6. Bear in mind that the ultimate goal of the discussion forum is to help improve the individual pages and thus improve the CCC Wiki resource.

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