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There is no direct way to page creation. The Wiki system essentially is a database system, so it searches for entries already established, trying to find any pages which use that word or combination of words, and then if it does not exist, will ask you if you wish to create it.



In the left menu bar is a search box. Type in the title of the entry you wish to create (for instance "Superhero School") and then click "GO". This will search through all established entries to see if there is any entry that matches the words given.

If the page already exists, you will be taken right to it. If not, you will see a search result of the words given, and at the top of the search results you will see the following:

There is no page titled "Superhero School". You can create this page.

To create an entry, click on the underlined "create this page" hyperlink. This will take you to a page editor for that entry.


When a new entry is first created, you are taken to the edit page. This is where you create your page by typing in the EDIT field.

Please see the entry How To: Format Pages for more information on formating your text within a MediaWiki page.

If you want to see how your page will look before being saved, click on the "SHOW PREVIEW" button. You will then see how the page would look based on the information already in the edit field. Underneath the preview will be the edit box so you would be able to make any changes needed.

When you are ready to save the page, click on the "SAVE PAGE" button. At that point the new page will be be created and registered in the database.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST save the page at least once for the entry to be registered in the database. If you leave the page for any reason without saving that page, anything you have put in will be lost.


Once the entry has been created, you can make any additional changes to it by clicking on the "EDIT" tab. This will bring you back to the edit page.

It is important to note that other registered users are also allowed to make changes to your page unless those pages are protected by the administrators.

Work In Progress

Because creating a page may take time, you may have to stop work and return to it later on. Or the entry involves a story that is currently ongoing and what you may put in could give away some twist. To ensure the reader that there would be more development to this entry, you can put in a "Work In Progress" (or WIP) template by adding the following to your page:


This will automatically generate a "Work in Progress" announcement box and give a special category for future reference. To remove both the announcement box and the category, simply remove the WIP template.


All page entries are designed for City of Heroes and City of Comic Creators references and applications and all material relating to the City of Heroes MMO as deemed appropriate by the administrators of the City of Comic Creators. They are NOT to be used for non-related or unauthorized purposes such as for illegal third-party mass-market advertising (otherwise referred to as SPAM).


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