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Captain Paragonna

Captain Paragonna is a registered hero in Paragon City. She is also a member of the Paragon City Police Department and the founding member and leader of the Guardians of the Dawn supergroup.


Character History

Stephanie Walters

Born Stephanie Michelle Murphy, she grew up in a small town in the Midwest. She met and married Earl Walters, her high-school sweetheart, at the age of 18 and had two children, Rebecca and Edward.

She had been living a normal life, or so she thought, until she discovered that Earl was doing business with Emil Marcone and the "Family". She eventually left Earl and was given custody of the children as part of the divorce.

Witness Protection

In an attempt to get his family back, Earl Walters made a deal with federal prosecutors. In exchange for his testimony, he and his family would be given a fresh start through Witness Protection.

Stephanie Walters was not happy with the decision, but was not in a position to do anything about it. Both she and their children would become targets for the Family, whether or not they agreed to go into Witness Protection.

Under Witness Protection, they were given new names, new identities, and had to pretend to be a loving family. Stephanie maintained the pretense only for the sake of the children.

In 2004, Stephanie and the children were involved in a fatal accident. Only Stephanie survived the crash. At the same time, Earl Walters was murdered by a Family assassin. The U.S. Marshals placed Stephanie under Tier-Two protection, declaring her dead and setting her up in Paragon City under the name "Stevie Walker-Rodgers".

Stevie Walker-Rodgers

Hero Shield Program

(See also Hero Shield Program)

Captain Paragonna in her original outfit, circa 2006-2008

As Stevie Walker-Rodgers, she became involved with Paragon City's experimental police program which would create a new group of super-powered police officers, inspired by the work started by the first police superhero Blue Steel.

Given the best in training and medical supplements, she took on the identity of Captain Paragonna.

Her original outfit consisted of a skin-tight full bodysuit that also covered her head. The outfit was patterned largely after the uniforms worn by Freedom Corps and Hero Corps agents and designed to make full use of her physical abilities. Unfortunately public reception to this outfit was mixed. She would later modify the mask to cover her face instead of her entire head, and she would wear a police leather jacket over her torso. This gave a more traditional police look, which the public readily accepted.

In 2007, she along with a fellow hero named Midnight Arachnia formed the Guardians of the Dawn supergroup. Their first recruits were Arktic Chill and her friend Sally Bright, who adopted the name Ghostlynk. When Ghostlynk was murdered by an unknown assassin, she took the death of her friend hard. It is believed that this event encouraged her to recruit the more controversial Libertarian Avenger.


(See "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight #4")

In 2009, a rogue government agency known as Shadowborn orchestrated a ruse to expose Stevie Walker-Rodgers as Stephanie Walters. The agency filed a phony lawsuit claiming that Earl Walters was in fact alive and was suing Stephanie Walters for outstanding child support. To preserve her current identity, Stevie Walker-Rodgers confronted Shadowborn as Captain Paragonna, taking down the Family members that were there to kill her.


In Issue #14, Captain Paragonna's combative tone with other police officials, including her confrontations with Enforcer Dreadlaw of the Awakened Division, forced the department to re-evaluate the Hero Shield program. Captain Paragonna was taken off active duty and was forced to surrender her uniform. Unable to serve as an active member of the Guardians, she was forced to watch as leadership was handed over to fellow Guardian Maximus Rex.

In Issue #15, it is revealed that Paragon City legally owns the title and persona of "Captain Paragonna", and thus Stevie Walker-Rodgers was prohibited from engaging in any kind of hero-related activities outside of the police force as long as she has the chemical enhancers in her blood system.

It is currently not known how long she will be on leave.

She also discovered that she was not the first to be called "Captain Paragonna", and thus she has been investigating what happened to her predecessor.

Lady Templar

(See Lady Templar.)

After the Crey enhancers were purged from her body, she was free to operate as a registered hero, although her employment with the police force made such activity difficult since most officers know her to be "Captain Paragonna".

Operating without her knowledge, Omega Shift and Galatea Powers created a false identity for her, using her manufactured personnel file listing "Melissa Walker" as her sister. With Omega Shift duplicating Stevie's DNA close enough to resemble a genetic sibling, Galatea designed a new outfit that gave her added protection while not sacrificing flexibility or speed of movement. Working with Sin Stalker's patron, she now continues to operate both as a police consultant and as the registered hero Lady Templar, at least until she would be allowed to operate as Captain Paragonna again.


In the events described in the "Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH" special, police officials were forced to reconsider their decision to suspend the Hero Shield project and restored Stevie back to active status as Captain Paragonna.

She currently works with the Paragon Police Department, both in active service as Captain Paragonna, and also working on some undercover assignments. She is also covertly working with certain Guardian teammates as part of a ghost group.

Powers and Abilities

This character is a member of the Paragon City Police Department.
Image:Badge_GotD.png This character is a member of the Guardians of the Dawn.

File:Archetypeicon_scrapper.pngFile:Originicon_science.png Captain Paragonna is classified as a Scrapper archetype with Science origins.

Her primary ability is Martial Arts. She is a skilled unarmed combatant, although she has had some firearms training through the Paragon City Police Department.

Her secondary ability is Willpower, although she does rely on biomedical enhancers to augment her physical stamina and enhanced leaping ability.

She is a trained police officer and a natural leader.

Related Information

She made her first appearance in the " Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" Issue #1 and her story was featured in Issue #4.

She is part of the original "Libertarian Angels" team as seen in "The Guardian Powers".

In addition to appearing as part of the special in Issue 5 of the "City of Comic Creators Compendium", she also has a cameo appearance in Issue 9 of the "Justice-Knights".

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