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The Baby New Year is an in-game character associated with Father Time and appears only during special events at the Ski Chalet next to Pocket D.

Mixed History

The origins of Baby New Year are varied. He could be either the legendary personificiation of the new year, or he could be a clone, or even a really small actor.

According to Issue #6 of the Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight series, Baby New Year is really not a baby, nor the personification of the new year, but a midget wrestler that originally went by the ring name "Baby Thundercles". He was recruited by Father Time and given special ambrosia which gave him the appearance of being a child. He is then "kidnapped" by Snaptooth so that heroes and villains can rush to his rescue. As soon as he is "rescued", he returns to the cave for the next team. After disclosing the real motive of the "kidnapping" to Arktic Chill, it is reported that he would have to be replaced.

According to the "Onset of Winter" storyline in the KK-Comics titles, Baby New Year is actually the son of Father Time, and each year gets himself into trouble and must be returned to Father Time. We also see this year, Evil Malibu Teresa, from the Malibu Dreams/Nightmares series, stripped Evil J-Man's mind from his body, and implanted it into Baby New Year. When he is rescued, he gets to mature and grow up all over again, hence stopping the winter invasion.

According to the "Conspiritorial Evidence" storyline in Malibu Dreams/Nightmares Series One. Baby New Year is actually a construct, or cloned materials. Made by Snaptooth, and rescued by Evil Malibu Barbie, Demi Gawdess, and Twilight Supremancy, and put into the care of Father Time.

Related Information

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