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Apex - as seen in-game

Apex is one of three central characters in the Blue King Studios incarnation of the City of Heroes comic series. Apex and War Witch lived in an apartment in Steel Canyon, in which most of the comic series focuses on. He first appeared in the Dark Horse one-shot special along with War Witch to help out Thunder-Clap to take on the Freakshow and the 5th Column.

Born Hernando Barrera, Apex was a natural scrapper, relying on martial arts and reflexes to win the battle.

He has a sister, Sally, who briefly worked for Crey Industries.

After losing War Witch at the end of the comic series, he is given a physical manifestaion of her mystical fire sword. He was last seen in the series announcing himself as "Level Fifteen Scrapper, looking for team!"

Although he appeared in the comic series along with War Witch, Apex did not initially appear at all in-game. His only references were an exploration badge in Steel Canyon in front of their former apartment and one in Faultline. He is now seen in the Rikti War Zone as a Vanguard contact.

Other References

Although not seen, Apex was referenced in several episodes of the "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" series often by War Witch. He appeared briefly in the Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH one-shot special.

(See his Paragon Wiki entry for more information.)

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