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Anarchy Boy is a series about the misadventures of a young man who thinks he's a hero.

Yes, I read Sparky's comic... why do you ask?
Anarchy Boy
Author: '
Author Aliases: '
Genre: comedy
Series Type: discontinued
Date Premiered: '
Number of Issues: 3
Date of Last Issue: '
Average Issue Length: '
Main Cast
Programs Used
No additional information available.



Issue 1: Getting Started

Issue 1: Getting Started (Read)

Anarchy Boy gets a nudge towards being a hero... but this is one gift horse that he SHOULD look in the mouth, especially when that mouth is fixated on saying "Sparky".

Issue 2: The Sidekick Partner Search

Issue 2: The Sidekick Partner Search (Read)

So Anarchy Boy decides he needs a sidekick... but his choices are rather slim.

Issue 3: A Group of Idiots

Issue 3: A Group of Idiots (Read)

XTRA-LONG HILARITY! If you thought getting a sidekick was a joy, wait until you see who ends up joining his super-group!


File:Badge ArchiveProject.png This series has been restored as part of the Archive Project.
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