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Alor as seen in his most powerful incarnation in "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" #20

Alor is a multiverse entity also known as "The Destroyer of Worlds". He is the entity responsible for the destruction of several universes, including universe XHT-S7, as well as the reason why Doc Tor was banished by his own people.


Character History

Alexander of the First Order

According to Doc Tor, Alor began as simply Alexander of the First Order, the direct descendant of Alexander the Great, who discovered the existence of other universes. Fixated on the idea that he was great in every instance, in every reality, Alexander ordered the creation of a multiverse portal which would allow him to travel to those worlds and prove himself right.

At first, his voyages to other realities validated his theory, as he encountered alterate versions of himself that were kings, rulers, dictators, philosophers, even noted shamen. In every instance, Alexander was seen as someone that respected and admired above all.

Then he encoutnered an alternate version of himself that was living life as a feeble-minded gardener. Angered at this turn of events, he murdered his alternate self, not knowing that this version of Alexander would play a crucial role in that universe's timeline. The resulting change caused a paradox rift that destroyed all that it touched, destroying the Earth and throwing that whole universe into total premature entropy.

Alexander's protective bodysuit, designed to protect him through multiverse space, pulled him out before he could be destroyed by entropy, but the expended energy from the destruction of that universe also super-charged his outfit. During this time, he had a vision of beings that he referred to as "The Originals", the original gods of the Omniverse.

From that moment on, he believed that he was one of the reborn "Original Gods", and began calling himself Alor, the Alpha and the Omega of the Originals. And with that rebirth came a new mission: the restoration of the "Original Universe" and the resurrection of the "Original Gods".

Rise and Fall of Alor

Upon his return to his home universe, Alor began adapting his various portal devices to fulfill his objective. His devices would seek out "fixed point" entities, much like he was, and he would then travel to those worlds and destory those entities, thus destroying those universes. His suit would then feed off the expended energy, making him more and more powerful.

Eventually this attracted the attention of a multiverse-travelling Utopian known as Doc Tor. Introducing himself as "Quinn", he gained Alor's trust enough for him to discover the ultimate goal of such destruction. Confronting Alor with the facts, the mad demigod tried to destroy the Utopian, only to have him disappear though his travel device.

Tor realized that Alor was mad with power and needed to be stopped. He believed that the best way to stop Alor was to go back in time and prevent Alor gaining power in the first place. He began to alter Alor's past as Alexander.

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Related Information

Image:Badge_Vortex.png This character is from another universe.

Although not named directly, his first appearance was in Issue #0 (2009) and makes partial appearances in Issues 1-3 (2009) and Issue #19 as well as being mentioned by Doc Tor in Issue #10. He was featured in Issue #20 and was the arch-villain in the "Time and Changes" storyline.

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